On the right portion of the screen, the artist sits for five minutes. 

For the first two minutes, she does not blink her eyes.

It is like a portrait.

She has to hold her emotion inside.

After two minutes, she cannot hold it due to her eyes feeling tired and welling up with tears.

She has to blink them back. The white shirt represents the truest essence.


All things are visible on the left screen.

You can see many layers of shirts from dark to white, from heavy to light.

She takes off the shirts gradually in a paced speed on the half of left screen; it shows the process of how we create layers on a pure thing.

Taking of the collars from fast to slow means we try to break the rules at the beginning but we will be used to these rules at the end.

The inner white shirt is similar to the right screen, which means there is a light influence.


We have to be honest to ourselves, what we see is what we think about.

The reason for making a mask on the left screen is to make it an ambiguous individual, on the right screen the artist is represented.






                                         The metal arts piece; the ring represents the same meaning to speak about how we have to make choices.

                                         One side is pure stone and other side is the stone’s outline, but you can show someone one surface at one time.

                                         To be honest to others, we should first be honest to ourselves.







2015 Fall