Everything is Illusory

It is the third time I come here.

The heat is closer like rainstorm coming.

I hide in a small hotel with muggy air and could not sleep.


Is that true?  

I see the endless lotuses cover the edge of sky.

Suddenly, I hear a slight sound from water.

I find a toad sitting on a lotus leaf and try to say something to me.

I reach for it but toad emits a poison.

I am so scared that I fall down into the lake.

 The cool feeling touches my brain.

I wake up.

Wet is surrounded me.



The weather outside window is still heavy.

When I grab my watch, it’s three o’ clock in the early morning, I cannot wait to strolling around.

There is a hidden alley with muddy stones at the back door of little hotel.

I squeeze it through sideways because lots of mottled bamboo are planted on both sides of alley.

Then a pond shows up in front of me.

Several lotuses grow as tall as me.

I hear someone whispering my name and I look around.


“Everything is illusory.”

A sound comes from other side.

I touch the mist and it disappears.

A toad is seated on a lotus leave with its mouse opening.

2013 Spring